Hey! I am Mia, Welcome to my blog ❤ This blog is set up to be my journey in this world about my experiences and how I am saying Fuck Fear in everyday situations and how I overcame my past fears. The chapter in my book after I hope you read it, will make sense why I set up my blog.

I focus on many topics relating to my experiences and I write humours blog posts.

My main themes are mental health, self care, interior decorating, empowerment, domestic violence, travelling.  I am student again studying social work and I am also an author. 18 amazing women and myself, are currently working on Fuck Fear, coming world wide, July 2018. When comes time, check it out <3. I also post my writing on here, I write blurbs and this blurbs usually have an underline theme in it.

I am open about my mental health on my blog, to ensure that no else feels alone in the struggle and hope that whoever reads find some comfort.

I hope you enjoy it ❤

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: miaelisabethca

Instagram: eelizabeth90xo


Tumblr: miaelisabethvalenteca



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