Hormone Balancing and Boundaries: Why you need them!?


Try to balance your hormones? Get serious…

When you have a endocrine or metabolic disorder and your balancing hormones weather holistically or with medications- if your lifestyle is not matching neither treatments will work. This when boundaries for yourself and self care come in first. That is sticking to a routine of healthy eating, exercise, stress reduction and adequate sleep plus maintaining a healthy relationships as well.  So you know those toxic people in your life- get rid of them, the job that stress you out leave. The all nighters nor clubbing nights reduce to once or twice a year (serious) your endocrine system will thank you!  The drinking etc reduce or eliminate.  Anything that will greatly impact your health reduce or eliminate. Lifestyle is key to balancing your body , if you don’t the consequences could be serious.  If you make the changes and efforts you will see the results.

Mia V.

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