How to manage anxiety during a pandemic.

Right now all of us being affected by Covid-19. A new virus that emerged last year. It is spreading to countries like wild fire. The virus is of course a serious concern especially those with chronic medical conditions and elderly.

How do you stay calm when all day you are bombarded with news stories, social media posts and self isolation or quarantine? This where self care become priority.  
Some great tips to managing anxiety during this time: 

1. Limit news: The news always makes things scarier and of course that doesn’t help anxiety at all. Also please get your news from a reliable sources.

2. Get adequate sleep and eat healthy – helps with anxiety levels. Now is a great time to try our new recipes with basic staple items. 

3. Wash your hands and Please practice social distancing 🙂 – less people your around less anxiety and washing hands always prevent the spread of viruses. 

4. Take a bath or do a relaxing activity. For example belly dancing, knitting, reading etc.

5. Exercise- boost hormones and mood and immune system. There some good exercise video to down load 

6. Talk with a soothing friend 💜

7. Write, journal and pray. The power of pray in times like this to whatever you believe in always help 💜

8. Cuddle your pet or adopt or foster an animal. Animals decrease anxiety and you provide them with a safe shelter win-win! 

There is not much we can do except get through current times as much we can together spreading love and peace  💜

Mia V.

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