The power of the moment

Often we can to focused on our future and ruminate in our past. Ever notice focusing consistently  on both can cause immediate stress or fear or shame or regret or setting yourself up for disappointment? Truth is we cannot change the past or predict our future. What we can do is focus on the here and now and manifest the future we want by simply letting go of how we plan our life and visualizing ourselves there in the moment. 

Start your day by setting your intentions for each day, take 30 mins to visualize your life and than take action in the moment to enjoy your day. Do not over think about your future or past. Have goals but don’t obsessed with thinking about both. 

Focusing on the here and now and watch how much calmer you feel, how much more productive you become and how more of what you manifest in your life is what you are visualizing. 

Focusing on the here and now doesn’t mean I forgot my future or ignore my past. It just simply means I let go both. I remember but do not dwell on my past and for the future I visualize it before I start my day myself  than focus on the here and now trust the process is taking me to how I want to manifest my life. 
Some tips are meditation, grounding. All help you control your racing thoughts.

Mia V. 


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