So your diagnosed with, PCOS? Where do you start?

Your diagnosed may have been something like this “ You have PCOS, loose weight, Come back when your ready to have a baby which maybe harder.” Oh here is the pill to regulate you.“

Nothing else.  No further support given or told how to loose weight or what food to. Eat. So what do you do?

Pcos or polycystic ovarian syndrome or pcos is a named to a endocrine and metabolic disorder that alters a women hormone levels. There is no cure. Kicker is you don’t need to have cystic ovaries to have pcos. It is a symptom of it.

When you are newly diagnosed the word OVERWHELMING and scary be your feelings. Than how much doctors are Non caring doctors are and how much lack of support or understanding there is … 

The first thing you need to do is change your life style and diet. Learn about how and why pcos developed and root causes. Know that symptoms vary in pcos and each women experiences differences.

2 Root causes are 1.Insulin resistance and inflammation, introducing food that lessen both you will see a very big change with your symptoms.

Next: Get moving and do exercises that keep your cortisol levels low, reduce above . Weight training.

The next step is research medicine and supplements use to treat pcos and see what combination is right for you.

Once you dealt with the getting health in order now focus on mental health. Really important you seek out therapy. To establish boundaries for supportive partners, grieve , develop coping skills. 

Remember you got this ! No matter how tough it gets and that one in five women worldwide have this. You are not alone. 

Mia V


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