Natural Mental Health Remedies: In honour of Bell Let’s Talk

Mental illness and mental health is important and rough. It is more than a down day. It feels like everyday, is overwhelming getting up and going to work seems like a personal chore. Responsibilities become harder to maintain… what can you do?

Of course reach out for help to a local mental health commission or doctor. There many medication that help.

However here some natural ways to aid in mental health:

Get moving: go for walk, work out or take a yoga class.

Eat Right: Change your diet, eat the colours of the rainbows.
Get the D: vitamin D (at least 20 min) as much as possible 

Get the Zzz: Make sleep a priority. 

Speak: Talk Therapy 

Random activities : Listen to music , Take a bath, get a massage.

Listen to music: Play those tunes and dance 

Take up a new hobby: such as arts and craft.

Remember mental health is just as important as physical health. Take care of you. 

Mia V.


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