What it felt like to be diagnosed with incurable condition?

Scary is the only word that comes to mind ten years ago. I was 20. My body was functioning fine and it just stopped. Doctors were not able to tell me why. Turns out I have genetic predisposition that messes with my insulin. It is a metabolic syndrome that messes with all your body functions. Makes it harder not impossible to have kids, increases the risk of  type 2 diabetes, causes changes in your appearance somewhat and no real medicine can fix it. What works is eating healthy diet that is friendly with the condition Moderate excercise, reducing stress.   Kids are possible just if the condition not under control you may have issues. I found all this out with help of a naturalpath. My thoughts around the condition were well this sucks, no one can explain to me what happening to my body and lots of tears. I was also going through an abusive relationship which could partically triggered this predisposition as well as diet, plan b and other environmental factors.’ Anger immediately followed fear. Anger at god specifically.  My dream always is to have a family being told it maybe harder now for my body was very difficult to hear. I just cried and cried till I met a natural path I still work with to balancing all the hormones (insulin) messes up everything and told me how common this condition is. One and Five women have it. I was able to control the syndrome but maintaining control is hard and currently on going process  making some permeant life style changes. I checked out fine to having kids, no diabetes etc. Meaning symptoms are under control (mostly). I work each and every day to eat right, exercise. I take a products to help with Insulin resistance and some other vitamins.

Sharing this is just part of my healing I am doing. As I prepare for the next journey in life 💜. 

When you are diagnosed please take control of your health first and seek support 💜 Putting this out there my dreams will come true 💜

For privacy reasons I will not state the condition. 

Some mental health tips when dealing with an incurable condition:

1. Seek out therapist and do CBT.

2. Reduce all stress cut off toxic people and leave toxic environments fast.

3. Make health your top priority set boundaries with others to manage your condition. 
4. Learn how other manage it and take action now!

If you are dealing with a health problem and it hindering your progress. Stop focus on your health and take time to work on feeling better, dealing with the diagnosis and slowly building your life.

 Mia V.


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