Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Happy Christmas and New Year <3

Remember the real meaning of holidays is not going into debit for your love ones but celebrating the joy of life, family and friends. Remember to be love, spread love and joy to strangers as many people may not have the same blessings as you. 

Sexy Fearless Fierce in 2020 is going to add a whole new level: I will still be focusing on domestic violence, mental health awareness and I will be adding on importance functional nutrition and your health and women’s health Issues: mostly how to take control of your health, be your own advocate in healthcare, overcoming diagnosis of chronic condition and bring awareness serious conditions such as PCOS and other imbalances that are currently underfunded. It is something I will be opening personally on showing you my journey from 2010 till now ( I am learning now too) from past to now and showing others. The goal is to bring awareness and make women health issues less taboo, how chronic illness can be triggered by stress and why developing assertiveness, boundaries is essential for healing your health, mental health and safety.  Plus more bad ass women and men series when I have the chance. The goal is bring and continue to bring awareness to all these issues to my people first and eventually whoever reads this <3

Until than have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mia V.

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