Intuitive Eating for Chronic conditions

My journey starting in 2010. I was in doctors office my body changed. I developed insulin resistance.  I was not really overweight but it came out of no where. It was my body telling me something was wrong. A year before the doctor told me you will have beautiful kids. I developed a not very well studied by very common endocrine disorder. The culprit mostly is insulin and there an ancient gene not suited for modern life. It is now considered a metabolic disorder and can affect males in different ways. It is incurable they say, however I know my body.  Thus started by journey of helping my body thrive and not shaming it. Food is a our greatest cure, with a low carb, gluten free and minimal dairy. Eating what my hunter-gather ancestors ate is actually allow my body to thrive….all of sudden my symptoms are reversed.  The trouble is maintaining it. Remember we are all made up differently.  Each time I eat, I make sure it the best nutrients going in my body. I set boundaries of what I can eat and cannot. It my health and I am worth it. I encourage you all to  start following your heart in eating with chronic condition, what works for me does not work for everyone else even with the same condition. All of genes take a while to work. So please follow your heart and develop your own “Diet” for chronic conditions.

Mia V.

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