Cyberbullying: What is it ? How can you prevent it? What should you do if someone you know starts cyberbullying you?

Cyberbully, is the same as bully…just behind a screen and harder to stop. The best way to stop is to set boundaries, then do not engage and move on.  

Cyberbully is essentially treating people in belittling, passive aggressive and aggressive ways. It is not acceptable and worse comments that seem nice are lace with undertone of nastiness.  Both adults and teens are capable of it. So, besides creating a safe space digitally for yourself, by ignoring, disengaging and blocking. Seek support.

From friends, family and people in my inner circle as well a mental health specialist.

Document all interactions and move on.

Journal and talk about your experience will help heal any wounding caused.

If you know someone who is experience cyberbullying, the best you do for them is be there as a constant support.

Mia V.

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