The Red Flag Files: Love Bombing

“Hey Sexy, yes You reading this? you know your my soulmate, my twin flame. I have been dying to tell you how much you been mean to me. I love you ”  Feels too personal and kinda creepy … welcome to Lomb Bombing used by narcissists world wide to get you attached to them.

Love bombing is a psychological manipulation tactic, away to purpose of personal gain by means of excessive affection, attention and flattery. 

 When someone is to into quickly, ran.  Genuine Relationships, friendships are gradual.

Signs of Love Bombing:

1. Declaration of soulmates, love or “fast” friend.

2. They are going way to fast: Soulmates within the first month of dating. 

3. They make grand gestures of love: Texting you every hour saying I love you, flowers weekly. 

4. Your gut feels off and to good to be true: something does not feel right ? Do not ignore it. 

5. Excessive Compliments: Questions someone’s motives who compliments you too much. 

6. Tell you what you want to hear: manipulator look for vulnerabilities and can read people and match their responses to what they figure out what you want to hear. 

7. Excessive gifts 🎁 

8. Illusion of perfect partner 

These are some tactics of Love Bombing! 


Mia V.


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