September is suicide prevention month

I was talking to my best friend on the phone….Two people just jump on to the TTC tracks. Usually we hear that there has been an “Injury at track level…”. 

Suicide is a tough topic.

We always are talking about how we need to more to help people and yet we are nasty to each other, a calling out society, we praise narcissistic values and we tend to be all about ourselves. Yet when someone dies by hand the suicide we are quick to demand more be done by our governments, professional…yet as society as whole we are not acting or stepping up to work together in greater interest of all.  Now, there many of us are who, but lots more who are not. 

If want to see real change we need everyone in society to step up and do their part in suicide prevention.

In a nutshell:

It means about being if anything civil with each other learning tor respect difference and to walk away if need be. It about treating with everyone you meet with dignity, respect-even if they are not. If they not, still do the same- (You do that with boundaries), not leading people on and clearing establish a definition of your relationship to each other. 

It is about being open with each other a regarding mental health and offering support. 

It about educating people that are suicidal are often fleeting and eventually will become replaced. 

It about letting go of the idea everything in life is going work out the way you want it to, about always been happy  and  putting self care first.

Its about understand there help to manage mental health conditions and great therapies.

It is about providing a safe space for individuals to do so.


More posts coming regarding suicide prevention through out September. 

Mia V.

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