Social Media and Narcissism: What is it online and how to protect yourself if you find yourself as a target.

Social Media is great for memes, connecting with a friend, positive quotes and sharing photos with your love ones.  It is also addicting and making us sad- even if it has good aspects and brings out  narcissists in droves.

Narcissism is a personality disorder.  Its a serious disorder marked by someones inflated ego, lack of empathy towards others and exploitative techniques to get others to do what they want in life because they lack real self love . Narcissists weather covert or overt has self-esteem issues and need constant validation, admiration. They cannot handle conflict or apologize for wrong doings.   They are good at being fake when it is really all about me. How can you tell if someone a narcissist online?  There profile is all about them with some pictures of their partners and friend or “props”.  If there entire profile is pictures of themselves 24/7, run. If the boast about being a bad bitch, bad guy, or poor is me all the time or savior. RUN. Do not engage or get in contact. Narcissism online can be serious if you get caught up in their games. Because online crimes are not punishable by law.  Just as in real life, you can become a target for online manipulation ( narcissists) and the costs are usually devastating even if you catch them early. So how do you tell if you online friend or new exciting online love is a narcissist.

Here is the signs:

1. They are very charming, charismatic and want to know all your secrets.

2. They do not respect your boundaries you set with them and react with extreme anger, passive aggressiveness.

3. They gaslight the truth when present the facts and turn things back on you. 

4. They discard you instantly at first sign of conflict. That means you are just there supply. 

5. They blatantly lie, twist things around and play the victim after treating you badly. 

6. You come away feeling stressed, worthless and drained- it means your gut is warning you.

7. They make you feel crazy or portray you as crazy.

So how do you break free of a narcissist on social media?

You set boundaries, expectations and stand up for yourself when not met. Do not let them put it all on you. Give it back to them, document all interaction or as much as possible and set extremely strict boundaries and go no contact. 

Also, learn the signs narcissism. They have a need for attention- they want people to admire them 24/7, always about them and lord have mercy if you criticize them and shatter their delusions. 

Mia V.

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