Personal Power

If your core beliefs about yourself are negative, you may notice that you give away your personal power. If your core beliefs will reflect your outer your reality.

So if your core beliefs are negative you will attract people who will try to take your personal power or situations that will make you feel powerless. 

Negative core beliefs core beliefs are you are worthless, I am bad, I am stupid, I am a monster.  You inner thoughts reflect your outer reality. 

One way to change your core beliefs of you is write down how someone with a positive core belief respond to a situation. 

For example, ” How will a person with the core belief ” I am worthy.” respond to a friend not showing up for a coffee date? Write down your answers and repeat to ensure this becomes ingrained in your mind. 

Your core beliefs about you are determine how your project yourself- so if you project negative one, you will be met with negative situations  or your handle situation in a negative ways.

So, If you feel worthless…change it to “I am worthy.”

If you feel like your a bad person change it to ” I am good a person.”

If you feel like you do not matter change it to ” I matter”.

Change your core beliefs about you to manifest your life to the one you want and keep your personal power always.

Mia V.




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