Wounding, how to heal and grow from it

Each of us has a wound, we all deal with it differently and some do not.

It so important that any psychological trauma be address in an individual. Studies have shown that people who receive proper love and care and support have a higher chance of healing. 

You do go through your own pain fully and slowly to heal and become aware of it. It means owning your problems no matter how comfortable it is.  It will fucking suck- but you matter, so do it. 

Love is the biggest heal of all and well maybe can take away all emotional pain, it can  reduce the affect it has on another. 

I think the hardest thing is facing your pain, really owning the emotions and releasing. The more trauma, the more love. patience and guidance you will need to overcome it. 

Healing means different things to different people and some people prefer privacy, some want to share it with the world. All that matters is you are healing and growing.

There so many ways to heal your wound here are some tip and strategies:

  1. Therapy: Talk therapy is great way to learn about yourself.
  2. Spiritual Healing: Reiki, Charkra Balancing, Meditation. 
  3. Find your own ways to deal with the thoughts in your head. Change them and become less detach to your thoughts. You are not your thoughts, you are your actions and you matter. 
  4. Become loving with de-attachment and stop placing expectations on people. Instead come to acceptance of who they are and if they do not resonate with your soul- let them go. Also let past traumas go. Focus on the lesson not the situation or person. Learn from it and grow. 
  5. Understand how to differentiate your emotions from others. 
  6. Do not rush healing, we all heal at our own pace. Name of the game is to learn to coop in healthy ways and to continue to grow, learn and heal till we die.
  7. Stop blaming others for your life, even if someone actions cause harm…ultimately you decide how to respond. 
  8. Insure you are not projecting your inner pain onto others: even if we do not mean too, apologize. 
  9. Do not force people or things. If it is not working out it not meant for- with this do not allow your past to take over. Each situation different.
  10. Being kind does not mean being nice. Quit being a people pleaser or co-dependent. It makes your behaviour toxic, gives your wound more power and cause more damage. Develop a strong No.
  11. Set internal boundaries and external boundaries.
  12. Let go of unreasonable expectations of others.  

Mia V.

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