La alegría de ser, La gioia di essere, La joie d’être,فرحة الوجود, mufaro wekuva….The Joy of Being

How ever you say it…there a powerful message of being presence in the now. Now is all really have. The past and future are non-existent. The past fades on and becomes a memory in our minds and future has not happened.  We often live in a ego base thinking of past and future that causes worry, anxiety and fear- the we forget that true peace is in the moment and comes from within. We cannot control our experiences, we can only simply accept, change if possible what is happening to us and let it go. When we go too much into the past or the future we miss the joy of being now, present. We missing amazing signs from the universe of our purpose or just denying ourselves long desired peace. I use to be so preoccupied with past and future, I missed the moment. This do not mean you do not plan or  not think about your future at all. It means do not obsessed over it. Concentrate on the moment and notice on how your productivity increases.

Try being present in your life and see how much you notice around you and how you feel.

This is when I feel the most peaceful.

Mia V.



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