Food for Thought

“Once again finding my inner strength had made me accept my situations,
with no judgment, putting an end to toxic relationships. I was still ashamed
about how I ignored the signs that these were not healthy relationships,
even when my gut instinct told me something was wrong, or not right for
me. Even when the previous job I had wasn’t really the best fit. I will trust
my gut from now on and have stronger boundaries in place. If something
does not feel right from the start, I now know to walk away. These
situations reminded me of my worth, which sometimes is my greatest
battle.Healing has become my top priority. I now recognize that the other parties involved in these circumstances had their own personal challenges, and that their actions were less about me but more a reflection of where they were in their own lives. This realization has been key. I understand now that being kind, loving and caring is not a weakness but a great a strength and having very strong personal boundaries will allow me to attract healthier individuals in my life.” Mia Valente, 2019.

Leaving a domestic violence relationship with your life being threatened, really teaches you to love yourself, build your worth and boundaries help.

So when face with taught situations, learning to re-love yourself and healthy boundaries literally will your life, stop you from being taken advantage of. As well as stepping out of your Ego, know that is not all about you, life is what you make it and remember you deserve basic respect from all people and are to give respect back to all people. You know when to walk away from people and let it go and when to stay and grow with people. 


Mia V.

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