Cheating: It hurts but not the end of the world.

I remember receiving a message from the other woman saying my boyfriend and her recent ex-boyfriend, were the same guy.  Like all women I was skeptical, I am going is this girl lying? 

Turns out she was not.  My then boyfriend’s cousin girlfriend confirmed it.  We became “Facebook Official” turns out he was leading on a tonne of other women. I know, I got the messages from them.  A lot of hurt women. Oh I was angry.  

I let him go instantly, set boundaries and left the situation. 

What disturb me the most, was how he treated the girl who first got in contact with me. It was not okay and way crueler then even finding out he cheating me the entire 9 months.  We (the other woman and I) ended up developing a friendship and warning a few future women. It was a powerful experience.

To this day, I still will message the other woman and we talk. Now very glad to have this bound with her and seeing her life transform as well.

While cheating hurts, it a reminder of there issues not yours and a reflection of their character.  Once a cheater, more than likely to cheat again unless the individual is willing to change. If you wanting to cheat in your relationship, it time to have a sit down with your partner and work things out or leave the relationship. And if you are the one who trust was destroy either leave the situation or learn to forgive and work through it.


Mia V. 

If you find yourself a 





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