Badass Women Series: Lexie

Meet rising star, 27-year-old singer, songwriter Lexie. Based out of London, U.K. She is slowly making huge waves in the music industry both in Europe and North America.  

So How did Lexie get started and what is she doing now?

Lexie was born in Leicester, UK in 1991, she has always been a performer. At age 3, Lexie started dancing and eventually start acting in musical theater. Singing just came on afterwards and found her.  Lexie just kind of went with the flow with singing and that is how Lexie got started in her career. In 2011, Lexie got her first taste of fame with Oh My, after they were signed with Warner. They supported The Saturdays on tour. Lexie later on decided to go solo and landed major record deal with Island Records. Lexie also has made a name for herself in EDM by being Featured in Barcelona’s BoxinBox’s singles “Now” and “You got me.” You can also hear voice many collaborations including Tenku “Feel The Love”.  Lexie has performed shows throughout London, Los Angeles, Italy and Lebanon.

Why does Lexie Love Performing?

Being on stage for Lexie is natural, she can really attuned to the audience’s energy. For example, Lexie  can feel very vulnerable and become introverted on stage if she is unsure if the audience is enjoying her performance and if they are loving in she switches to her extroverted self.

Why Does Lexie love creating music and who are her influences?

Lexie loves that you can take an emotion or feeling and create a beautiful song from it, it is like a healing a part of you.  For Lexie, music is an outlet for her to express her emotions as well as telling a story. Lexie grew up listening to soul music always loved Sam Cooke and Karen Carpenter and most recently developed a love for country music. She also a fan of  Amos Lee and Jp Coopers music. The reason she loves these artists and genres are because there are stories being told in their music and it invokes a feeling in her, she feels like she is on a journey when listening to these artists. Lexie is also a big fan of classic artists such as  Dolly Parton, Elton John, The Eagles.

Where does Lexie see her self and career in 3 years?

Lexie who is already doing shows in various countries including the United States, Lebanon etc. sees herself touring the world officially and being recognized for her music and creativity.

Check out Lexie’s social media for her collaborations, covers and what coming up next:





A personal note:

Lexie and I go back to 2013, we were housemates, I was just new to the U.K. My first thoughts upon meeting her was “Wow, this girl is cool, super genuine, has an awesome voice and we are going to be friends.”  My intuition was right and she has become one of my really good friends. Now if you know Lexie aka Alex to her family and friends, you know that this girl can belt it like destiny child all in one, has a heart of gold, is a compassionate, empathetic, loving , supportive person. Always fun to be around and Oh and She is ALWAYS singing – I use to live with her so I know.

A special note for my girl:

Alex: Thank you girl for being one of my closet friends and always being there for me. I appreciate our adventures, chats and your encouragement, love and support <3


Watch out world. This is woman is destined to make an international impact 😉 and will be writing music and singing her way into all of our hearts shortly.

Check out her new single “Reckless” on Spotify, Apple iTunes.

Lots of Love,



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