Judgement: Do not pass judgement on someone quickly without actually knowing them.

How many of you judged someone?

The answer should be all of us. We are human, we judge, we just have to sure we not harming others with our judgement and making someone feel less than worthy. 

 I tend to judge on tangible facts, gut feeling and evidence. People lie, people are dishonest for sure and it necessary to protect ourselves. The time to judge someone  is weather or not you want them in life and if they healthy for you. 

But how many of us subconsciously judge, without fully accessing the situation?   Something happen which made me decided to write this today.

The situation 

In the community just before my area there is a lot of drugs and crime, when walking safety is the top priority.  This my route to work. Someone approached me and I politely turned him away.  I had nothing to give anyways and was nervous. I did not give him the time of day. 

15 mins later, the same guy was in the coffee shop I was in, begging for food and water.  No shoes. I realize he was probably asking me for money for food. If I had stopped and listen, I would have bought him a meal. He was young, 21 or something. 

So, I stop him and asked ” Would you like a meal?” His young eyes lite up and “Yes, what are you go to get me, I’ll have anything you buy?” I told him to get what he pleases a food item and drink. “Oh sweet, so I can have a Snapple.”  I laughed  “Yes , a Snapple is fine.” He then apologized for stopping me earlier and he planning to get shoes soon, I asked him not to apologize.   Next time, if I run into him again, we are going shoe shopping if he does not have any new ones. 

I am writing this to be cautious of allowing fear to take over from interacting with people. I was shocked at how I unconsciously judge this kid with no shoes-without knowing his situation. How turning a blind eye could potentially cost someone a meal. We are in this world together, even if you could not buy a meal or money- you could direct someone struggling to help or just a smile to remind them that sometimes the world is not cruel. 

Mia V.



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