Death of the EGO: The process is both scary and enlightening

Have you ever stopped and took a good look at yourself? Call yourself on your own bullshit, stripped down yourself really looked into your wounds and  making excuses for yourself, bad behavior and blaming others. That does not mean we do not hold other accountable for actual transgressions, it just means we do not blame them for how our life turns out, move on and established healthy boundaries for ourselves. We have that inner strength to stop our ego and actually  work on our insecurities, changing yourself for the better.  Key is you have to want and be willing to change and do the hard work. Killing your ego is  a painful, slow process and so enlightening.  We are attached to our ego for protection, but with ego comes attributes not associated with greater good. In ego, we often act our worse to others, for our self  and then justify it, do not accept responsibility.  We place blame on others for our short comings, when in reality we need to look at ourselves. 

Remember the Beyonce song, “Pretty Hurts” there is a quote there I love, It is “The illusion has been shed, our you happy with yourself?” It’s a powerful thing about how ego (the illusion) is everything on the outside, but if you are not happy and dealing with yourself- forever bound by ego mind.

It’s the hard work of truly healing our selves that needs to be done slowly and with care, it is also a life long journey. The older we get the more our ego dies, the more we start viewing from “Me to ” We’. How is  this going to benefit us, not just me. Our life perspectives slowly changes. The less you want things, the less high maintenance you become and the more your at peace with your life. 

Of course, yourself does come first in a sense where you are responsible to you for you, then others.  We all have the collective responsibility to make our world a better place. That means please do not ignore the beggar on the street- buy a them a meal. Volunteer your time to help those in need. Donate to causes. We are all here to take care of another and animals. This does not mean scarfing your all for humanity, just doing little things in life that contributing to love. 

Death of ego, is a painful-enlightening process and being able to step out of it and acting in love is far more powerful.

Thoughts on a Saturday morning, with a coffee. 

Lots of Love,

Mia V. 

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