Establishing and Building Trust in Relationships

While having a coffee with my sister, we got on to the topic of trust and establishing trust with others. In our discussion, she mention Brene Brown’s podcast and we talk about how trust is established over time by series of actions and acting with integrity.  

So, I checked it out. 

Wow. Powerful and life changing podcast. So in the podcast it is said Trust is established by 

  1. Boundaries: Being clear on your boundaries and respectful of other boundaries and the other party being clear and respectful of your boundaries.
  2. Reliability: You following through on your words as well as the other party.
  3. Accountability: That both you and the other party can admit mistakes, apologize sincerely in a way that can help the relationship grow.
  4. Non-Judgmental: Being non-judgmental of your actions or others when mistakes are made, we are human. Instead compassion. 
  5. Vault: Keeping other people stories, private, not gossiping. As gossip is not a healthy to establish a truly trusting relations. 
  6. Integrity: Choosing courage over fear, what right over whats is fast and easy. 

All of these are so true and great standards to remember on how to act with your self and others while establishing trust in your life. 

Mia V. 

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