Imagine walking through your day and heart palpitations? Then you feel like you can’t breathe. Now, your in the ER.  Nothing you are fine.  Doctor prescribes you “fresh air and psychotherapy.” and say the diagnosis STRESS. 

If you are human, this really common. I know I ended up in ER thinking I was dying and to get this diagnosis. 

So, Stress, what is it?

Normally it a biological response to a perceived threat, our alarm.  Cortisol,  Norpinephine and adrenaline spikes we feel at the very minimal not ourselves. Our fight or flight response kicks in- that saves our lives.  

How to handle stress- There so many great ways.

  1. Stop a lot of caffeine and drink way more water. Water keeps you hydrate and lowers the stress hormones.
  2. Progressive muscle relaxation. Start by tense muscle in your body for a few seconds and release. Progressively work up wards in your body.
  3. Deep breathing or box breathing, improves concentration and relaxes the body.
  4. Get sleep or at least rest of a period of time.
  5. Drink herbal relaxation
  6. Dance, sing or take a bath.
  7. Avoid toxic people and situations.

You will never get rid of stress. Instead developing healing coping mechanism will help you ease the effects of it.

Mia V.  


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