Sex: Getting talking about it.

How many of you have had honest conversations with your closet friends about sex?  You know about your adventures, desires etc. I have and do.

Being open about sex ( I don’t mean crazy boundary crossing) but just open conversation about what feels works for you,  Exciting positions that you and your partner can try -can really enrich your sex life- plus the tales can be hilarious!

Sex is a natural thing and very necessary for your health- always be safe, of course, but have fun. If sex with someone you do not know, can be an amazing experience as a long safe and you are both able to communicate.

Talking about sex with your partner

Having excellent communications skills regarding fantasies, dislikes and knowing your own body’s erogenous zones is a key ( I found)  for instantly satisfying sex life.

So those reading? Get talking and enjoy the benefits of it later in the bedroom <3

Mia V. 


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