Healing From Your Past Wounds

We all have wounds. Things we need to heal from and healing is not linear. Some of us have had more wounds to overcome.

Life has been hard. Healing is your responsibility not the worlds, however we can all help in eachother by being loving and not causing harm/enabling bad behaviour.  

Do you find yourself getting caught up in your wounds or falling into old patterns?

Here are some tips of healing from your past wounds: 

  1. Psychotherapy: Talk therapy is really healing and can help develop healthy coping mechanisms. It can give you insight on your behaviour and others. It can teach you about having a healthy self-worth, esteem, your attachment style.  Always budget on talk therapy- it can really help you cope or sometimes just relieve pressure. 
  2. Develop your spirituality- feeling connected to higher power can really ground you and give you a realistic view of yourself, morals and compassion for others. It also can evoke a sense of intense calm and love with in you-that is deep and strong.
  3. Mindfulness: Being present in here and now. Meditating, helps keep anxiety at bay and focus.
  4. Practice gratitude: Know that being grateful works wonders- sending letters to your love one and letting them how much you appreciate them, calling people, visiting people all of that making an effort comes back <3 and helps you healing.
  5. Get to know yourself: Find out about your likes and dislikes, find out what triggers you, what makes you feel good. Find your passions, loves and develop you. This is a life long practice-eat, pray and love kinda journey (except on a budget). 
  6. Live your dream-travel, create your life. Go and follow your dreams without conviction. 
  7. Develop you passions and hobbies: Develop your passions and hobbies and nourish them.
  8. Practice living in love and faith- instead of fear and anxiety. It changes your perspectives. 
  9. Work hard on breaking your toxic habits, behaviour and patterns by intentional living, gratitude, practicing love and befriend fear.

Mia V. 

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