Healing yourself from childhood sexual trauma

I wrote a poem about how I was sexually assault as a child by a family friend. It  has taken years to process how it was not my fault. When you let go of burden that your trauma was your felt, real healing comes in.

With this comes a message we must educate our children on touch, what is acceptable and what it is not and to never keep secrets.  This this be taught as soon as children can speak, we also must heal the adults who experience these types of assault too.  It is essential to forgive, understand you as child are voiceless and adults are responsible for their behaviour and that you are worthy person.

Being honest about how it makes you feel really helps heal you.

If you are victim, please seek assistance to process what happen in a safe and healthy way. 

Here are some resources: https://www.rainn.org/statistics


Mia V.


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