Why I created Sexy Fearless Fierce

So I created Sexy Fearless Fierce as a Mental Health and Domestic Violence, Empowerment Resource.  It is about to give a raw, real perspective on domestic violence, domestic abuse-healing, healing from wounds from childhood, addictions. Raw perspective on mental health… Why? So we stop telling of those on receiving end of bullying, domestic and narcissistic abuse to just get over it, stop making people feel ashamed for mental health issues and addiction issues, how to show love to those who family was toxic. How to show that love is stronger than fear.. To stop idealizing the strong, strong is not being a matyr, saving people or being that bad bitch making it to the top. Its about speaking out so others can have join in and have a chance to be heard, to guide people in accessing their inner strength to over come their pain to be love to be spread in the world themselves. It is about holding those accountable for actions who deliberately manipulate and bully, abuse because they feel entitled too and provide them with some healing too. Its about doing what is right not popular, its about uplifting each other, its about being the good we want see in the world. It about teaching people how to protect themselves, healthy boundaries knowing and believing in your worth and remaining true to you. That is my intention with Sexy Fearless Fierce…..

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