End Mental Health Stigma: Mental Health Awareness <3

I really find it super annoying when we judge those with mental illness.

It is very hard to function in life as an adult, even worse when we have illness we cannot control without some medication and or therapy. Imagine battling your brain, 24/7. It is not easy.

Its been very liberating about talking about PTSD with my love ones has been very healing. There less shame especially when the messages I get is you are loved.

Stop shaming those with mental health issues, we need be open to hearing there stories. By speaking openly, I hope we erode the boundaries of judgement.

I am going to start about being your own advocate in the mental health system. Be assertive with mental health as you know you best.

Here are ways to be assertive in your care and treatment:

  1. Be open to trying different techniques: if one way does not work, try another. Write-eventually you have to find a way that works for you and positive mindset and good support system helps.
  2. Be assertive with the doctors and if need be contact an advocacy agency.
  3. Work with your doctors not against them, they have the best intentions for you even if they disagree with you.
  4. Research, knowledge is power, ask questions.

Mia V.

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