Is our lack of community and always being connected contributing to depression, mental health issues?

Growing up in North America, has gotta be one of hardest places. I am not saying in regards to living, but emotional and spiritual health. There a sense of isolation within our communities here, everyone is for themselves. Ever notice places have that have the least technology and better work/life balance and a little less “advanced” then North America, host some of the happiest people on earth. Growing up in Latin base culture (Italian) we are taught being humble, having faith, enjoying time with our love ones face to face is more meaningful than being connected online, being arrogant etc.

Even going back 10 years ago, life was simpler and happier. There was little social media, we lived more in the moment.

Now, technology is great for staying connected, but nothing beats face to face conversations.

I have observed the more someone is online, the less happier they are. Its all about social media getting the most followers, posting the latest thing going on in life. We forget about being human, the connection and community is the most important being together and sharing intimate experiences offline. Actually living, not posting on social media.

For me social media is a creative outlet for poetry and writing about topics I am passionate about, not a place to make friends- If we met online we talk in person then met later, happened only 2 once and these are some my closet friends- again we established a real life connections. Social media does NOT my worth as person. My worth is defined by me, quality of my real life relationships, spirituality etc and life I am manifesting. After experiencing some minor cyber-bullying- I have affirmed this.

I felt more happier getting offline and living life and being more connected with a community.

So I wander how much more happier we would if we all just disconnect for 22 hours a day- and I wonder how much more would our mental health improve? I am going to try an find out.

Mia V.

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