Badass Women Series: Mélanie Villeneuve

A secondary definition of empowerment is the “process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”.  (Google, 2019)

Meet Sudbury’s very own Life Coach and professional Speaker, badass Mélanie Villeneuve.  Villeneuve became a certified Life Mastery Consultant last year through the Life Mastery Institute., founded by her mentor Mary Morrissey. I have had the pleasure of having Mélanie as a friend and a coach for the past year.  

So, why did Villeneuve decide to leave the comfort of a 9-5 job to become an entrepreneur? Well to follow her dream of course! Now she is living it and watching it manifest before her eyes. Villeneuve chose to become a Life Coach and Speaker because she could see the potential in others before they could even realize it within themselves, and to help people discover their full potential whether through coaching or a workshop.

Villeneuve chose the Life Mastery Institute for her certification simply because it was different from other life coaching programs. Life Mastery Institute addresses the spiritual side of empowerment and provides ongoing support to their Coaches. These Coaches talk the talk and walk the walk with their clients. They benefit from the support and guidance of their mentors for the first year after certification, then have the option to reinvest in for continued support. How cool is that?  Well so cool that Mélanie has taken full advantage of this added support and coaching.

Villeneuve became certified on March 14, 2018.

So, how has her first year been?

Villeneuve was all smiles at the thought of her first year, her face lit up when reminiscing. “It’s been a whirlwind of adventure, meeting new people and becoming an entrepreneur.” Villeneuve stated she has been able to coach more people than she thought she would in the first year, and that the past year has also been a rigorous opportunity of growth for her especially with her own self-discovery in using fear to move forward. Villeneuve had a lot of fear leaving her day job to pursue her career. No longer having a bi-weekly salary and the community support from her work family brought up some nervousness. Villeneuve faced a lot of self-doubt in the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, wondering if this would work out and would she be resourced. The pull to go back into the comfortable was very strong at the beginning. The “hamster in her head” was spinning and going nuts telling her to go back to her “safe job.” Thankfully, she had learned how to re-pattern those thoughts and release the nervousness.

Villeneuve founded Life Synergy, her transformational life coaching brand in 2018.  Villeneuve loves seeing how her clients’ visions evolve from being written down to becoming a reality. This has been the most rewarding part of her experience as a Transformation Expert over the last year. Villeneuve’s most memorable transformation was seeing a young client who became aware of the power of his words: the light bulb moment when he realized the situation he was in was no longer a big deal. Another example of how her coaching has changed her clients’ lives is four of her clients found love during their work together, and are still with this romantic partner months later. These are the updates Villeneuve loves receiving. Even in my own situation, parts of my vision started becoming reality; for example, my relationships with certain family members and old friends improved when I learned how to let go of what was and be open to accepting what will be. Now the relationships are stronger. I am all about trusting my instincts more and having confidence in my decisions. I have developed more compassion for people who intentionally harm others, by understanding human behaviour is either a call for love or act of love. To forgive if their call for love is harming behaviour and have compassion while maintaining my rights, establishing even stronger personal boundaries; all directly thanks to Mélanie’s coaching, especially with how I approach problems and my own thinking patterns.

It’s not just clients, though, who have benefited from Villeneuve’s coaching, Mélanie herself has too. Villeneuve has notice a change within herself, to stop living in fear and to choose peace. Her relationship with fear is completely different, she no longer fears fear. Fear is often viewed as a negative emotion and even though rigorous it is also a sign of growth and can actually be very healthy.  Professionally, Villeneuve is still growing; the present challenge being establishing clear work and personal life boundaries. It’s been hard because coaching doesn’t feel like work to Mélanie. She does love to spend time with loved ones and is adamant about discovering the balance of spending time with loved ones and excelling in her business.

So what is Melanie Villeneuve’s vision?

Villeneuve’s vision is to make a difference, especially within the Ontario Francophone community. To help her community members design their life and to ensure they are living to their full their potential. There are over 500,000 people within Ontario who identify as French Canadian. Being a linguistic minority in a primarily Anglo-speaking province means that this community has had to fight for basic rights in Ontario in the past. Villeneuve wants to start with the younger generation by speaking in French high schools throughout Northern Ontario communities. Villeneuve envisions speaking to the grade 11 and 12 to ensure they are making life choices with confidence and designing their lives, not living by default.  This will also be extended to the adults in the students’ lives to empower them and to make sure they are all speaking the same language; the language of success. Villeneuve would also love to be part of a weekly talk about transformation, either on air or podcast. Watch out, you will hear her on CBC Radio in no time 😉 Mélanie is truly a badass woman. A genuine caring, kind soul who’s light and unconditional love towards humans can be felt as soon as she smiles at you. We are honoured to have you Mélanie.

Here is a last message from Mélanie Villeneuve: “Fais de ta vie un rêve, et d’un rêve une réalité” Saint-Exupéry- “Make your life a dream, and of a dream your reality.” Saint-Exupéry

So what are you waiting for? If you want to experience transformation in your life, contact Mélanie Villeneuve today.

If you would love to invite Melanie to speak to your group, contact her today.

Life Synergy Facebook page:

To connect with Melanie. Click here:

Villeneuve offers vision workshops, webinars, strategy sessions and one on one coaching. Mention “Sexy Fearless Fierce” to get a free session with Melanie, valued at $250.00.

Below are the 2019 upcoming workshop and webinar dates and testimonials.

Workshops 14 h – 16 h (2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.)

March 30 English:

May 11 French

June 15 French

September 14 French

November 16 English

Will take place at 1708 Lasalle Blvd., backdoor, basement, in the Acupuncturist’s office

Webinars 14h – 15h (2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.)

April 27 French

July 20 English

August 17 French

October 19 French

December 14 French

Please register to have the connection information.

Testimonials │Mélanie Villeneuve

Before meeting Melanie, I saw my future in little steps but it sometimes was difficult to see my life as a whole picture – a life worth being proud of. Melanie inspired me to believe that everything is possible and that I am worthy of an amazing and fulfilling life; a life where putting limits for others and seeing my own potential was attainable. Mélanie is authentic, charismatic and she truly is a self-driven woman. She inspires you to improve yourself and to challenge unreasonable thoughts to truly learn to reach a life of love, courage and attainable goals.

Karine, psychotherapist

Working with Melanie has changed my view of people and myself, especially what we are all capable of doing. She helped me see that my way of thinking and behaving were impacting my life directly. I realized I was judging others and saying it out loud. I did not trust others to do what needed to be done correctly, and did not believe I could ever bring my dream into my life because of limitations I couldn’t overcome.

Melanie showed me the power of my thoughts and actions. She helped me see I was worthy of my best life and showed me how to welcome that into my life. I now know that people can change, if they choose to, that self-work can be fun and very rewarding, and that failure is just feedback. I now enjoy better health, a miracle improvement  in my relationship with my brothers, a growing confidence in others which impacts positively my work and family life, and amazingly… I believe I can live my dream… I am worthy!

Martin, tradesman

Mélanie and I met at a very pivotal point in both our lives. She had almost completed her life master classes and I was about to head off to university with loads of questions and concerns in my head. When we met, I was suffering from major anxiety, lack of confidence, as well as some feeling of self-loss. I had been through a rough couple of years of high school. Mélanie seemed to appear as if a ray of light. With her new learned knowledge and her years of expertise, she was able to open my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. She showed me the power my brain possesses so that I can control and accept my anxiety. She taught me that each decision I make is one that puts us on our path to greatness and to trust in our decisions and our being. She also explained to me that everyone has a spark inside of them that brings them to life, and that one thing that can bring that spark out is finding what we love to do and to make a career out of it. Because of these teachings, I am more accepting of my anxiety and therefore let it affect me less, I find myself more confident in everything I do, and I am working towards a future I will love to live. During her journey, I have seen her touch many lives and brighten many days. I truly believe Mélanie’s purpose in life is to be a life coach.

Elora, university student

Thanks to Melanie’s wonderful coaching, I find myself being more joyful and therefore have more confidence and enthusiasm, as well as belief that things will happen for me for the best, and they have been in my health, relationships, vocation, time & money freedom! I have also learned to discover and honor my core values. Melanie has helped me gain better health, more courage and stronger believing. Since working with Melanie, I have started my own business and reconnected with an old passion. I am grateful and feel joy everyday!

Colette, new business owner  

I had a feeling of not being good enough in anything. This in turn affected my motivation and my health as well as many other aspects of my life. Melanie helped me see that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and taught me how to listen to my inner voice, to set goals, and how to achieve them. In my health, I set a goal to be fit enough and participate in a Tough Mudder, I am proudly attending this event after only 4 months having lost 30 lbs and gotten much stronger. I have grown more confident and am happy all the time. I am setting new goals for myself, and thriving.

Renée, police officer

Mel warmed my heart and brightened my space.

People always tell me ” Reni, you bring me luck!” This time I am telling YOU, my sweet Angel: You brought me luck!”

It has been an unbelievable, fantastic experience – one little miracle after another!

I do not know what happened, but you “opened” something in me.

Your sweet, loving encouragements, given so generously and repeatedly(!) 🙂 🙂 :),

somehow did the trick – I am a new person now. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Much less shy and much more open.          

Reni, professor

Elora Conrad  recommande Life Synergy. On Facebook.
1 h · September 25, 2018
Mel is an amazing life coach and an even better human. She possesses so much joy and positivity and is so excited to share it with the world and with you. She will give you the tools necessary to loving your life. 110% recommend to everyone out there!

Lots of Love,


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