Happy Sunday: Self -Love Venuses Self-Obsession

Self-Love versus Self-Obsession:

Self Love is practicing healthy boundaries for yourself, ensuring interactions are fair for yourself and others. Walking away from anything or distancing yourself from anyone or situation that is toxic even if you love person (sometimes our love ones can go through toxic periods where we need to leave them be for awhile and love them from a far, just do not leave them, we all go through toxic phases where we are not our true selves.) Self love putting yourself first with remember to be grateful for others and making sure their needs are met in your interactions as well. Self love is loving yourself for who you are, loving your weakness, flaws, wounds and understanding you are responsible for your happiness not anyone else and that you have to work through the trauma on an on going bases. Know your limits, desires etc. Be clear on your vision of life and work towards it. Live your life bases off of love.

Self-Obsession: Is the desire to show everyone how amazing you are, you know the selfie queens. Everything is about them, literally. These are the people that really do not truly care about others because they do not love themselves fully. They base life off of fear. Fear of being rejected, feeling worthless. These people develop an unhealthy-ego to compensate for their inner feelings. They are unable to do that hard work of healing themselves and take use people in order to get ahead in life and avoid getting hurt. When yourself becomes an obsession you now developed traits of narcissism or full blown disorder. They create a false self (usually charming) to appear to be someone they are not. The route of this deep rejection and psychological wounds that the individual has chose not to heal from, until they decide to do hard work-it be an unless cycle of torture of them. Essentially fear of getting exposed for bullying behaviour etc.

There a fine line between both a healthy self-love is normal and key just like everything is a balance.

Mia V.

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