The Red Flag Files: Confusion

The biggest sign your being manipulated is confusion. The person doing the manipulation usually is using the person for personal gain will act like they care one minute than next do not. If this is the case, set strict boundaries and walk away. This applies for all types of relationships. Strong people can be a target for manipulative individuals also for jealousy. The objective is to bring people down, because they feel unsure about themselves. The only way to stop end all contact with the individual.

Manipulation is a sign of a weak character to deliberately use someone in a cunning way is not cool. Just be a real and do not use people. If your feeling confused, take it as a huge warning sign. With people who love you, you will never be confused in where you stand. If someone who you were once close to and notice a change, talk with them first sometimes people don’t realize how they are treating you and something could be going on they have not open up a bit, but for of most of the time people who truly care will make an effort in your life. Let go of those who are confused about you. Know your worth.

Mia V.