El Ganador

Watching Nicky Jam’s bio on Netflix is very inspiring. I love his music, besides that point. I think we can all relate how personal struggles can lead us to fundamental changes. I think we can all relate that the world is not black and white. That the human experience is different for us all. We look down at people who use drugs, have lots of partners and have a new bottle in their hands. Now these are not behaviours I would encourage of course. But we have to look at it objectively, usually human pain is why people turn to methods of coping. Its easier to get fucked up than to deal with our emotions. We can all relate when our coping methods are very thing destroying us. I remember waking up the hospital in 2013, thinking this was it, I need to change and slowly I did. We all have trauma, being able to raise from it and live the life you want is what El Ganador is about, raising from your pain, trauma and achieving the life you want.

I encourage you to watch it and remember life is a choice. You choose to live your life.

Mia V.

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