Don’t base your life off of Social Media

Social Media, when used properly is a tool of great power and good. The problem with it is that it gives an inaccurate representation of life. Life is not always rainbows and sunshine. It is hard and if you do not adapt to it, it can bring you down. Social media is an inaccurate representation what is going on. It can make people’s life seem perfect and yours a failure. So why is it so popular, why is everyone wanting 100 + plus followers who they do not even really know. Why is there this appeal? There actually a scientific reason for this the like button creates a form of positive affirmation and give us an ego boost. The more followers we have, the more likes. We feel popular, until we are our alone with out thoughts. Seeing notifications alerts actually increases dopamine, the pleasure hormone and craves more.

You life is what you make it off the screen. I found the less I am on social media the happier I am. I tend to disconnect most days and when I am with love ones.

Limit social media and focus on creating the life you want, you will notice a positive difference.

Mia V.

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