Home Ownership: The side you don’t see

I bought my first and only home in July 2017. When I turned 27. I have been working since I was 14 to achieve this. When I bought it I had felt amazing. So how has it been since now I owned my home for 1 and a half : To be honest most days I want to cry with happiness and then other days I ask myself why did I do this.

As single homeowner, it is just me balancing the costs, working a lot and not having a lot of extra funds to do much, trust me over draft protection is my best buddy. It was a dream of mine to own a home. Growing up I did not have a lot, raised by a single mom..we had a house and that was our luxury.

Do I regret it? No. So why I am writing this post. It is too to all homeowners out there, feeling like they failing because time are tight or you cannot do the work. Having the stress of life plus a home can be taxing mentally. When in your home be realistic about how much you can get down, I have so much that needs to be done, when I start focusing on it all I legit get into a panic mode. I plan and slowly prioritize what needs to be done. Save the biggest stuff for last and do the small jobs first. I also do a lot of the maintenance myself with guidance. It is a great way to expand your skills and cost effective. My list is totally 8 pages and growing, each month working out budget and expenses.

Your main properties with your home is paying the mortgage and property taxes, maintenance can be done gradually.

Enjoy the journey, not many people get this opportunity to own a home… I am so grateful I am able too regardless of the struggles.

As they home your home is where heart is and my heart is situated in my home <3

Mia V.

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