The Independent Woman Flies: Confidence

It is unrealistic to be confident 100 % of time. We all have situations that will affect our self -esteem, worth. The key is to accept the fact we are not always going to be self-assured and that is okay, learn and grow. Confidence is on going thing and too much of it is not healthy and can blind us from truths. I am not confident in many things and I am okay with that. I work hard at the things I am confident in. If you find confidence is a big struggle for you it all goes back to remembering your worth as human it vital. If you do not find yourself worthy, then it will show to others. We are all worthy human beings created in the likeness of the universe with a purpose. Its so vital you believe in you before you attempt any confidence building exercises. One you do, then slowly build on concept of your worth being visualizing your self, learning new skills, affirmation…going out your comfort zone.

Believe in your self an you will manifest your destiny <3

Here is a great article on confidence :

Happy Sunday.

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