The Red Flags Flies: Blatant Lies

When someone blatantly lies to you, walk away. That is sign of disrespect and very dangerous. It is a deliberate intention to deceive you. In I Got This I explain was lied to by an someone online, they deliberately use people for personal gain. In that book, I explain why and how I stopped it fast that cyberbullying.

I wrote about it because teenagers are contacting people they do not know and if imagine if a child is bullied, it could be detrimental. I was shaken up and I am love myself and fairly confident and even I became distressed. Social media rules, beware of who you contact online. Only contact people you know or a least had a conversation with.

So, red flag for any type of relationship. Its toxic and potentially harmful for you. Cut ties fast. From anyone who lies, they certainly do not have your best interest at heart.

Usually when someone blatantly lies they will tell you, get confused in a lie. Confronting their behavior usually brings this to light.

Mia V.

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