The Red Flags Files: Blatant Lies

When someone blatantly lies to you, walk away. That is a sign of disrespect and very dangerous. It is a deliberate intention to deceive you .A red flag for any type of relationship is lying. Its toxic behaviour and potentially harmful for you. Cut ties fast from anyone who lies, they certainly do not have your best interest at heart. Usually when someone blatantly lies they will tell you because they get confused with all their lies. Confronting their behavior usually brings this to light.

My recent experience:

I wrote in I Got This about how I was bullied by that male artist I was fan of for setting boundaries with him. His response was to belittle me when asking to be seen as an equal for them not to not follow through on returning my writing. By confronting this behaviour caught him in a lie that he told me about “supporting me now too back.” For more information on what happened check out this post:

Mia V.

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