The Red Flags Files: Blatant Lies

When someone blatantly lies to you, walk away. That is a sign of disrespect and very dangerous. It is a deliberate intention to deceive you. A red flag for any type of relationship is lying. Its toxic behaviour and potentially harmful for you. Cut ties fast from anyone who lies, they certainly do not have your best interest at heart. Usually when someone blatantly lies they will tell you because they get confused with all their lies. Confronting their behavior usually brings this to light.
My recent experience:

I wrote in I Got This about how I was bullied by that male artist I was fan of for setting boundaries with him and asking him to return my writing and follow through on a promise. His response was to belittle me when asking to be seen as an equal for them not to not follow through on returning my writing. By confronting this behaviour, with screenshots I caught him in a lie that he told me about “supporting me now too” back and stating he read my blog only to later reveal in an anger state that he lied. That is when I cut ties for good. Please read my book for what happened. It was one the most stressful experiences of my life and totally unnecessary. It was also one the most degrading experiences asking someone I was a fan of to see me as an equal and naively thinking a friendship could be formed. I would have left him on my website and just stop contact. I never got an apology for the lie and hurt he caused. It was all about him. I have intense compassion for him though, I know he is really hurting and in his attempt to hurt me, he lost me completely as anything. I am grateful he did the right thing, by stopping the behavior towards me. I wish the absolute best life for him- I wrote about the lesson- while it was not okay, I have processed the anger and grateful as it brought awareness of changing and healing I needed to address in me. I wrote to reach out and bring awareness of cyberbullying .

Healing: Therapy has been helping deal since it happened and the situation with artist is the partial reason I loss my job due to stress of cyber bullying situation. I also had another stressful home situation too.

Cyberbullying is never okay. It can effect a persons mental health. If you have fans or in the public eye ensure you set strict boundaries with your fans and do not engage in activities outside the normal dynamic unless you are wanting a legitimate friendship with them or professional relationship. Dynamics must change in that case to be fair for both parties healthy relationships weather online or in person are a give and take and yes even between a public figure and a fan . Moving forward any celebrities, artists I work with I am stating my boundaries and expectations immediately. As a writer with some fans doing the same πŸ™‚ ❀️

Love and light to you all! This is such s powerful lesson to be learned.

Mia V.

November 2011 trying to get over what happened

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