Bullies: No problem! Here is how to get rid of them

Targeted by an bully? No problem here some tips to help clear that toxicity out of your life.

  1. Know yourself, know your worth and love yourself. This is the most powerful knowledge you can have. When you know your worth you attract others who like you. This is a very intimidating quality to bullies with low self-esteem. It something they do not have naturally, and nothing will make them walk away faster than someone who knows their worth and calls them out on their bullshit.
  2. Have boundaries. Your boundaries will keep you vibe right and again get rid of people in your life who don’t vibe on your level.
  3. Stand up for yourself. The classic way of defending yourself to a bully, standing up and saying “NO” and usually will get a bully to walk away. Use methods such as holding them accountable for their behaviour, documenting it.
  4. Kill them with kindness. Be kind, but firm and do not engage.
  5. Surround self with people who love you, they will always have your back when dealing with bullies.

Remember bullies themselves are victims of bullying, usually and have very fragile egos. They use people, manipulate to get a head in life. They need compassion not hatred- so wish these people well and pray for their healing. As I say be loving but do not tolerate ill behaviour.

Happy Monday!

Mia V.

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