You Are Uniquely You

I am uniquely me and you are uniquely you. Remember you are enough, Yes , You. As long you are mostly good to people, act with integrity and accept responsibility for your actions, you will have a good life over all.

We often lack our own self-love and self-esteem in our lives due to circumstances, situations and people we meet. Accept yourself and the situation for who you/what they are, the good and bad. Change what you do not like and can and grow. Ask for help with the resources that the universe give us. You are worth it and there is no else like you. The world is blessed to have you you are meant to be here.

I want all reading this to look at yourself in the mirror right now, smile and say to yourself this “I am a worthy, lovable human being and no one can take that away from me unless I let them. No one has the right to take my power unless I willing them allow them too. I am amazing the way the universe made me, I am uniquely me.”

This is just a little remind of your worth <3

Mia V.

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