It’s Cool To Be Kind

Wonder why people mistake kindness as weakness? I have, something about being kind means you makes some type of victim. Easy to manipulate etc.

Worse when people fake being kind as a source of manipulation, they are nice until they got you where they want you. This negative thinking has forgotten the true concept of kindness which is not people pleasing.

Kindness is helping others with integrity, doing for the greater good not ego. Remember your mamma, aunties, grandma’s say be kind but firm. Listen to them. Kindness with boundaries, consequences with violations. When you kind with boundaries, you can remain true to you and attract the right people in your life.

You do not have to be a martyr to be kind. Just be you, start with individuals in your life and see what happens in the world of possibilities.

Remember Kindness is ALWAYS in fashion.

Mia V.

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