Valentine’s Day

I have spent many valentines day with boyfriends. After I found my last one cheating in July 2016. I promised in my later 20’s I would embrace Valentine’s single. That failed, I have had a date each time but that’s beside the point. If your feeling pressure about making this day special for your love or depressed because your single. Stop. Breathe. It’s just a day. I have been madly in love and had the most boring Valentines day when I was in a long term relationship and fun times as single woman going out or making out with a new flame or just a one time “event”. Besides doing loving things for your partner should be stress free and not forced.

I am never one to feel sad on this day, love is year around….<3

Enjoy the cheesy hallmark holiday and chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Mia V.

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