Why is setting boundaries so hard

Boundaries are so important for building healthy relationships. If we do not have them, we risk being taken advantage of, bullied, being taken for granted etc.

We often become bitter, angry, feel like the whole world is evil if we do not set them and follow through. If we do not have clear boundaries, communicate them clearly how do you expect others to understand you?

We set boundaries during process of discovery and change. Maybe we are letting go of people who make us feel worthless + do no respect us or who are not right for us, reducing stress in our lives or discovering our limitations. They are to benefit us, to make us raise to be the best versions of ourselves.

It hard to set them because we tend to pick up on others disappointment anger sadness. Know that with any time of boundaries humans will experience a negative emotion…because you are telling people no. Most people will get over it quickly and treat you how you want to be treated. But the guilt can be really strong, often having us back track and say sorry. Get over the “I am sorry” , part and learn to let go of guilt and the person if need be.

Setting your own flexible and non-negotiable boundaries are healthy and essential. Do not be afraid of doing so guilt free.

Mia V.

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