Letting go of your past hurts

I often find people get stuck. Ruminate in past hurts.

I hear well so and so did this 6 months ago etc.

The point is who cares what happened…its how are you going to move on and continue with your life.

Shit happens, however we only live once. If you living in the past you are denying yourself a glorious future.

How do you let go of your past hurts ?

  1. Take responsibility for your part- Is there something you could done different?
  2. Forgive yourself and them.
  3. Understand you may not get the closure you would like.
  4. Walk away with dignity.
  5. Look forward in life, get hobbies, never allow yourself to back.
  6. Stop the victim mentality…and blaming others. Sometimes shit happens, if you keep living your life as victim. You will never move forward.
  7. Focus on the good, present and now.
  8. Be grateful.

Lots of love,


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