The Mental Health Flies: Motivation with Anxiety

The desire to succeed is in most of us. How do you stay motivated when you have anxiety? How do you stop yourself from giving up?  How do stop the catastrophic thinking that often walks hand in hand with anxiety? You know the one makes you stop living your life to the fullest.  How do you avoid the becoming isolated in fear?

There many ways you can work with anxiety for it to become your friend. Like a new born, who is new to world you can cradle it and work with it. First thing is to remember your inner strength. That intrinsic desire we have to survive.  We often under estimate our personal power, how many hits we can take and sometimes we surprise ourselves.  So we must remember we can and will survive. 

The other important thing is having a strong support group. People in your corner. People who are real, inspirational, authentic. These are your people. Use them as support in times of need, they will keep you going when you do not feel like you can.  We are social species, lone wolves got killed first, the ones in groups survived.  

Make lists, tasks and journal how you can get through problems. Be grateful for everyone.  

Do little steps each day towards your goals, even accomplishing something small will help just ease your anxiety thoughts and get  you to your goal. This is so true during times of distress. 

Keep the faith- I do not care, but just keep on believing the good will happen.  

There so much good in the world, everything is temporary.

Remember this when your need your motivation to be on its top game and you have anxiety.


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