Rise Up and Excel Baby

Wet eyes, broken soul. Life keeps giving hits. 1, 2, 3…dropping down to your knees. “Life you have won.” You think. Your wondering what have you done? Your self-pity party is on full force.  Now, you a pivotal choice. You can continue down the road of self pity or you rise up. Your choice. Your choice will give you the outcome of your life.

 Remember that you have a choice in life in every situation- give up or excel. You were excelling before the hits. Well, guess what baby, Change is a part of life- it’s a fact. Choose to accept  it and continue to on with your life- ask for help, leave those who leave you. Be grateful, hustle each and everyday. Give back.

Love yourself enough to rise up, change if need too and to become the best version of you.

Rise up! Each day, take the steps to keep on going. Keep re-framing your thoughts, be your worthy self.  Make your life amazing, you only have one life.

Mia V.

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