Live Love Pet Care & Animal Rescue, a literal safe haven for Los Angeles canines

Live Love Pet Care & Animal Rescue, a literal safe haven for Los Angeles canines

By Mia Valente

“When we show respect for other living things, they show respect for us.” This Arapaho (indigenous American tribe) saying has got it right.  This is a basic concept of how humans interact with each other too. So, why are we so fickle with animals? We preach in Canada and the United States about the importance of being empathetic, compassionate towards each other and all beings, right?  I thought so too until I learned of something that did not sit well with me. Kill Shelters.

Let me break it down to you all… there are many government-funded and supported shelters in the United States of America and Canada that have policies in place that state it is acceptable to euthanize perfectly healthy animals. They are called kill shelters. There are different types: High and Low kill shelters. High Kill Shelters have a time limit and will euthanize animals who have not been adopted in a certain time and in perfect health, an emotionally distress animal due to kennel stress or a diseased animal. Low Kill shelters will not put down a healthy animal who has not been adopted after a period of time, however, they will put an animal that is in emotional distress down. That is like saying to a child without a home, while you can stay here for 6 months and then we will have to let go out in cold. Here’s a $20, good luck. NOT OKAY. Do we euthanize abandoned children, the homeless and those suffering the mental effects of trauma? NO. So again, we preach compassion and empathy yet and allow the inhumane slaughter of animals. To be clear, euthanizing an animal who is terminally ill and suffering is humane, just like medically assisted dying, which is legal in Canada for individuals who will die a painful death otherwise. The thing that does not sit well me and many others is when the voiceless (children, animals and vulnerable adults) rights are being violated in this case because of human arrogance. I understand overcrowding of feral and homeless animals in communities across North America can be a concern to many, but as supposedly empathetic societies (this is what we preach in the USA and Canada) why are we killing the truly innocent but show compassion to psychopathic murders by jailing them? That same compassion and empathy we have for each other needs to be given to all beings. We all share the earth and animals have a fundamental right to live out their lives if they are healthy. Animals attack only when they feel threatened so humans must show respect for the wild.

Today, I want to focus on the issues of kill shelters in Los Angeles, California. California has one of the highest euthanasia rates in the United States and one organization Live Love Pet Care & Animal Rescue in Long Beach, California is working to save dogs in Long Beach area and beyond.

Live Love Pet Care and Animal Rescue

Live Love Pet Care and Animal Rescue: is a registered non-profit organization which is working tirelessly to save the canine population in Long Beach, Los Angeles County. Their purpose of the rescue is to provide necessary medical care for rescued dogs and allowing physical and emotional rehabilitation before finding a family to adopt them. A portion of their pet care services fees also supports the rescue. Founded by Emily Peters in 2011 now has grown into a team of 150 plus fosters and volunteers who save over 500 dogs to date. To highlight just how big of an issue euthanasia of animals is in L.A check this out: According to the Seattle Times article written in 2015, 1000 dogs were saved from being euthanized from multiple a kill shelters in Los Angeles and the dogs were flown to Washington State. Click Here for link: If this doesn’t anger you or a least make you uncomfortable than I have to question your morals as a person. But seriously we often feel hopefulness on helping out, especially in capitalist societies where we tend to forget about supporting each other and the greater good.

Long Beach Animal Advocates: This initiative, started by Peters and associates in August of 2017, is looking to raise awareness in the community and to help dogs, cats, kittens, and other animals into a foster program until they can find a forever home. Their mission statement is as follows To advocate for the creation of a NoKill shelter in Long Beach and help guide and support the shelter in establishing sustainable foster, training and adoption programs to contribute to the physical and psychological welfare of the animals and will help them find caring forever homes.” For more information and ways to check support Long Beach Animal Advocates click here:

Right now, I am going to challenge you Long Beach residents, especially if you think can’t help or have been idling to do so. There so many ways you can help support Live Love Pet Care & Animal Rescue, take a look below.

Here is how:

Become a Live Love Leader: They need $6,000 USD per month to sustain the rescue. Most costs go to medical care. A new program where you can help out the rescue. It begins as little as $5.00 per month and $10.00.  

Talk: Maybe you can’t help financially or by donating your time. You, talking to your community members about kill shelters and Live Love Pet Care & Animal Rescue will open to doors to someone with a compassionate heart and means to do.  

Follow and Share: Follow them on social media. Share this post and their posts on social media with your family and friends.

Here are the links:



Use their Pet Care Services: Have a dog that needs walking and you are on limited time? Or going away and need a pet sitter?  Contact their Pet Care Team. Click here for full details:

Donate: either once or a monthly recurring donation.

Volunteer: Help out the shelter and be part of this life-saving time.

Foster: As foster your giving a dog a home until they find a forever home. You are actively saving a life and keeping a homeless dog safe before adoption.

Adopt: Make a dog to become a member of your family. Ask about International and National adoptions if for the readers not located in Los Angeles.  

For all information, applications and how to donate click here:

I hope those reading this in Long Beach, California do not remain idle and help Live Love Animal Rescue change the statistics of only 1 in 10 dogs finding a forever home and help all homeless animals be safe. All those reading this in Canada other places in the USA, please act within your communities. All animals worldwide have the right to life.

Lots of Love,


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