Magnificent Male Monday’s: Gianni Ubriaco ….up and coming spiritual badass

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Males are pretty badass too, so much so…. they are magnificent.

Meet Gianni.

A rising magnificent male, he’s starting to make an impact in our community of Sudbury, Ontario for the greater good.  Gianni is a gentle, empathetic soul, who is currently a kitchen supervisor at an Italian banquet hall in the dishwashing department, but is also a spiritual healer.

Growing up as Italian-Canadian he has always known he would be spiritual and has close family ties.

Gianni’s journey to become a spiritual healer really began with the breakup of his first love. It was very challenging for him and he ended up having an out-of-body experience. From then on, he really wanted to explore the spiritual side of life. He bought books and CDs, and began attending workshops an everything spiritual. He did not like the unhealthy feelings he felt inside following his breakup and other life experiences. He wanted to learn how to control his emotions better and to understand his soul’s purpose and why things happened the way they did.

Eventually he came in contact with spiritual advisor, Caroline McIntosh, who soon became his mentor. She taught him all he needed to know.  In fact, she made a profound statement which made him realize his calling in life. She stated, “I see Moses in you.” They were powerful words and he thought about what they meant. He got into his car and randomly turn on the radio and it was on the Christian radio station…They were talking about Moses and how he had doubts and fears, but decided to listen to God’s calling anyway. He knew from then on his calling was to help others. The connection he and his mentor had was profound. The night before she past suddenly, he said, “See you in the soul world.”

Gianni’s goal now is to help other as McIntosh did; to help others heal and live the best life possible. Gianni’s services include Life Coach, Psychic Adviser, and Light Healer. For more information check out his Instagram:

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