Copyright-Work is not be reposted or reproduced without written consent from Mia Valente

All works on the Sexy Fearless Fierce blog belong to Mia Valente located in Ontario, Canada. Any reproduction without written permission is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action.

If we collaborate on something and it’s posted on Sexy Fearless Fierce ( it is my writing and reproduction without my permission is copyright infringement and I will take legal action- my poems are signed Mia V and blog posts Mia . If we were intending to collaborate on something it fell through and you have a draft its your legal duty not to release or repost it as your work. If you do I will sue for copy right infringement. I keep copies, document all interactions and post drafts on my blog the date written hidden

Failure to do so will result in legal action . Thank you,

Mia Valente

All these works are mine:

  1. Mental Health Minute Thursday’s
  2. Badass Women Wednesday’s
  3. Magnificent Male Mondays
  4. The Independent Women Files
  5. The Travel Files
  6. All poems signed Mia V
  7. The Cat Flies
  8. The Home Files
  9. Any original work and tiles found on Sexy Fearless Fierce.

To contact me please- send a message on my professional Instagram @sexyfearlessnfierce we can chat. I am very selective of who can repost my work.


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