Inner Ramblings over Bangers and Mash

“Girl, you need not be so in such a hurry for this your only 28.”

Argh ride and die I feel you. I get you, I am not I promise I put careful thought into this.

“You feel rushed.” Nope well maybe. Honestly, I am nervous as fuck.

“you’ll meet someone.” I don’t want to take my chances in my 30s thanks.

“Stop trying to steer life .”

Argh okay, I know this out of love and I value your opinion ride and die. Maybe your right, because I lost control when he broke my heart. Maybe this is something can further my happiness. I have talked it out time and time again.

Oh and, I’m still hopeful for love. Just not looking for it.

“but .. “ Ok can we not continue this convo .. I wanna hear about Mr. salt and pepper … your man crush. Your Mr let’s get it on…. because girl I don’t want to think about this any more. I just want to talk about some sexy eye candy well we drink. My heart is a little fragile, it’s a major life decision.

“Emilia” NO… okay I’ll show you my Italian flirt, he makes my heart kinda stop… or the guy I see casually, he just fills some needs without the hassle.

Ok phew, that worked…..

Anyways, I’ll prepare tonight what I need to for tomorrow for biggest decision of my life.

I can’t wait for right guy or girl. I can only hope that the one for me reading this knows I am ready going through with this.

11:00 a.m EST October 1st, 2018, I can’t wait.

Because I know it’s going to happen even if someone walks in. I’m so ready universe.

Putting down my knife and fork.

I won’t rush guys, but I am ready and at peace with this now and I know that the one makes me fall will be too.

Mia V.

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