Badass Women Wednesday’s: Amy Brasier (F*ck Fear)

Badass Women Wednesday’s: Amy Brasier

Last week Amy and I did a Facebook live. A little twist on Badass Women’s Wednesday. I have to say out of all the badass interviews ( all my sisters are great and I love them ).
I have to give special love to Amy, who’s I don’t give a fuck but I love people attitude really resonates with me. Amy, you are legit one badass- who even after everything continues to care and love for humans and it radiates. I have nothing but respect and admiration for you my friend ❤️ watch out world Brasier is an impact you are not going to want to miss 🙂 thank you for the lovely interview where you asked me the questions lol. 💗Also stay tuned because soon we are going to start a peer support group for people touch on issues we talked about but we are working thru the kinks.
With love ,


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